Resources – Some Common Amateur Radio Abbreviations
Abbrev. Meaning Abbrev. Meaning
ANT Antenna BUG Semi-automatic keying
B4 Before Callsign Ham station
CQ Calling any station CUL See you later
CW Continuous Wave
Morse Code
DE From or this is
DX Distance FM Frequency Modulation
GND Ground NCS Net Control Station
OB Old Boy OM Old Man
PWR Power QSL card Written confirmation
of a radio contact
RCVR (RX) Receiver RFI Radio Frequency
RIG Station Equipment RTTY Radioteletype
Shack Room where
ham operates
Silent Key Ham who
passed away
SSB Single Side Band TVI Television
VFO Variable Frequency
XCVR Transceiver
XMTR (TX) Transmitter XYL Wife
YL Young Lady 73 Best regards
88 Love & Kisses 99 Go away!!!

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