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Welcome to BARA, the Barry Amateur Radio Association, established in 1955. BARA is an ARRL affiliated club in Barry County, Michigan, which is located in the southwestern part of the Lower Peninsula. Our club is composed of a group of people who enjoy sharing their knowledge of ham radio, serving our community, and just good old rag chewing.  We are a very diverse group of individuals, each bringing something unique and enriching to our club and to amateur radio. Our doors are always open to new members.

Ongoing Events and Announcements

Weekly Nets:    

The YL net  starts at 7:00 p.m. local time year round. The 2 meter/70 cm. FM net  starts at 7:30 p.m. local time year round. 

YL Chat – The ladies get together on the club simplex  frequency, 146.560 mhz,  Thursday evenings, 30 minutes  before the club-wide net -7:00PM -to talk about knitting, sewing or what ever comes up from a ladies point of view. It’s the Ham Radio version of a “girls night out”.  Net control operator is usually Jean KC8UJA.

2 Meter/70 cm. FM Net-Join us on the club frequency 146.560 mhz simplex for the first round at 7:30 PM  each Thursday for the weekly BARA net. After the first round of comments, we QSY (change frequency) to the K8YPW repeater on 146.840 mhz, 600 khz negative offset, 94.8 PL tone, for the second round. After the K8YPW repeater round, we go  to the BARA  K8BMI Yaesu Fusion repeater on 442.725 mhz,  5 mhz positive offset, 94.8  PL tone, (please use analog mode) for the wrap up. Net control operator is usually Ron KC8SFQ

Fusion C4FM net-every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm on the K8BMI Yaesu Fusion repeater 442.725 mhz,  5 mhz positive offset (no tone needed for digital mode). Please use only digital mode for this net. The antenna for the repeater is located on the tower at the Barry County  EOC at 2600 Nashville Rd. Hastings MI    Net control operator is usually Jim AC8AZ.

Our repeater is available for everyone to use. You don’t need to be a BARA member.  The repeater is currently set to AMS mode, so it can be used in digital or analog mode.  In the not too distant future, we plan to add Wires-X capability to the repeater.

6 meter SSB net-every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm (except on BARA club meeting night which is the Tuesday following the 3rd Saturday of every month) on 50.140 MHZ. Net control operator is usually Jay (Floyd) KD8LNO.

New Net!  We are now holding a slow speed CW practice net on 6 meters.  This net meets on 50.090 mhz at 8:15 pm every  Tuesday evening except the Tuesday following the 3rd Saturday of every month, which is our monthly club meeting night.  Alternative frequency is 50.089 mhz if .090 is already busy. We ask everyone to work at 10 words per minute or less.  Details about the check in procedure are posted below: 

Net call: BARA QRS BARA QRS (DE [callsign]) QNI  K
Stations wishing to check in send one letter from their call sign. It is
usually the first of their suffix, but not necessarily. It does, however,
need to be distinct from other check-ins
NCS acknowledges the station by repeating that letter.
The checking-in station sends their complete callsign.
NCS responds by repeating the complete callsign of the checking-in
station, thus completing that checkin.
NCS then calls QNI again and the process repeats.

All Amateur Radio operators are invited to join in on any of our nets! You do not need to be a club member to participate.

The BARA  club meetings will NOT be held at the EOC until further notice.  Due to the ongoing coronavirus concerns, the meetings will be online meetings held via the internet using the  Zoom conferencing app at our usual day and time. Club members will be provided with information needed to take part in the meetings.

BARA Club MeetingThe Tuesday after the 3rd Saturday of the month, 7:00 PM  meeting start time, with a 6:30 PM informal “Gathering Time” at the Barry County Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  The EOC is located in the basement of the E911 Central Dispatch building at 2600 Nashville Rd, Hastings (next to Thornapple Manor).  Click here for map. Facing the building, go to the door on the left. Press the doorbell button near the door and pull the door open when you hear a click.  Use 146.56 MHz simplex for talk-in, if you need directions.

NOTE: We do not hold a meeting in December, but instead we normally hold our club Holiday dinner at a local restaurant, usually sometime during the first or second week of December.

BARA Breakfast –  Second Saturday of each month,  8:00 AM at Curley Cone 12850 M-179 Wayland MI 49348. Phone number 269-792-6560.  The restaurant is located about 250 yards east of the intersection of M-179 and Patterson Road. Anyone with an interest in amateur radio is invited to join us for breakfast.  

Check us out on Facebook at the link below.